Reading Wrap-Up: August 2021

Well, 8 books despite returning back to work after a reading-filled summer is something I am pleased with! I invite you to take a look at my reading for the month (with links to their Goodreads pages and stats on my star ratings for the month).

Have you read any of these? If not, perhaps you can find some inspiration!

**Book titles with asterisks are ones I’ve already reviewed on Archetypes & Anecdotes, as of the publication of this blog post.

Physical Books



2-2.5 Stars3 – 3.5 Stars4 – 4.5 Stars5 Stars
Things Have Gotten Worse
Since We Last Spoke (2.5)
You Had Me At HolaThe Benefits of Being an OctopusClap When You Land
Exit West (4.5)
People We Meet on Vacation (4.5)
Klara and the Sun (4.5)

Still Working On…


One response to “Reading Wrap-Up: August 2021”

  1. What a great month of reading! Good luck for next month!

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