Books, Briefly: Hooked

“Books, Briefly” is featuring a celebrity memoir today!

Title: Hooked: How Crafting Saved My Life

Author: Sutton Foster

Rating: 4 out of 5.

READ IF YOU LIKE: memoirs, crafting, Bunheads, TV show celebrities, reflective autobiographies

MOOD: reflective

Crafting (specifically crochet) served as a common thread throughout memoirWould’ve liked more focus on the positives of crafting for her coping
Tone feels familiar and comfortable, like listening to a friendPrimarily focused on her relationship with her mom, which I wasn’t expecting

FINAL THOUGHTS: If you are going to read this memoir, audiobook is the format you want because Foster’s personal voice connects with her story. You do not have to know much about this actress to enjoy her memoir, as its relatable to many people – especially women who are crafters/makers! I wish there was even more about her crafting in her book because that was my primary interest as a fellow textile maker, but the memoir has substance and vulnerability about her relationship with her parents – especially her complicated mother – that many will appreciate.


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