Books, Briefly: My Body

“Books, Briefly” is back to spotlight Emily Ratajkowski’s essay collection, My Body.

Title: My Body

Author: Emily Ratajkowski

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

“In my early twenties, it had never occurred to me that the women who gained their power from beauty were indebted to the men whose desire granted them that power in the first place. Those men were the ones in control, not the women the world fawned over. Facing the reality of the dynamics at play would have meant admitting how limited my power really was—how limited any woman’s power is when she survives and even succeeds in the world as a thing to be looked at.”

My Body – Emily Ratajkowski

READ IF YOU LIKE: essay collections, feminism, personal narratives, celebrities / fame, mental health and body confidence topics

MOOD: Reflective, personal, emotional

WARNING: Sexual assault

Provides a unique perspective of a celebrity, yet still relatable in themesLacks transitions; sometimes results in choppiness and repetition
Thoughtful reflections on beauty, image, confidence, and selfExpresses issue and concerns with the industry, but doesn’t own up to any self-perpetuation
Raw feelings, beautiful writingPersonal growth of the author is subtle

FINAL THOUGHTS: Despite Emily Ratajkowski’s presence in the limelight, her feelings offer a sense of relatability to the average person; she experiences insecurities and the effects of misogyny, too. She tries to reclaim her sense of self through her essays. I wanted a stronger sense of personal growth in the author by the end of the collection, but to force this would be inauthentic.


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