Reading Wrap-Up: October 2021

10 books. What a month!

I am so lucky to have had ample time to read this month (although it’s never as much as I’d like to have), but I feel like 10 books will suffice…

Here is what I read this month (with links to their Goodreads pages and stats on my star ratings for the month).

Have you read any of these?

**Book titles with asterisks are ones I’ve already reviewed on Archetypes & Anecdotes, as of the publication of this blog post.

Physical Books


3 – 3.5 Stars4 – 4.5 Stars5 Stars
The Round HousePumpkinheadsOnce There Were Wolves
City of Ghosts (3.5)Through the WoodsHome Before Dark
Later (3.5)The Silent Patient
Fangs (4.5)
Rock Paper Scissors (4.5)

Still Working On…

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