Books, Briefly: Only When It’s Us

“Books, Briefly” is back to spotlight the first book in the Bergman Brothers series!

Title: Only When It’s Us

Author: Chloe Liese

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Hate, enmity, rivalry are all passionate responses. My personal theory is that they are incomplete expressions of one core human emotion: love.”

Only When It’s Us – Chloe Liese

READ IF YOU LIKE: contemporary romance, enemies-to-lovers trope, slow-burn romance, soccer, books about college students, banter

MOOD: Angsty, sentimental, playful and fiery (so much banter!)

Extremely strong chemistry between Willa and RyderWilla becomes super judgmental, whiny, and private to a fault
Family-oriented character representation (shows the value of a strong support system!) Willa’s treatment toward Ryder at times
Disability representation (deafness)
Supporting characters feel real and relevant (great character development)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Only When It’s Us is a strong start to a contemporary romance series that highlights themes of disability representation in relationships and the importance of family. Chloe Liese develops a believable, entertaining, and meaningful relationship between two college students that is not surface-level and provides insight into a unique type of relationship (that is also relatable). Deaf-representation is one that I’ve never come across in reading before, and I think Liese handled the topic well and fully (*to my knowledge – I cannot speak on behalf of the deaf community).

This one is a fun, well-rounded romance that is also meaningful – I highly recommend!


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