Cathy’s Corner: The Switch

Cathy’s back in Cathy’s Corner for another guest post!

Cathy’s Rating of The Switch

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Cathy’s Review

Leena and Eileen Cotton are in mourning. After Leena’s sister/Eileen’s granddaughter (Carla) passes away, Leena begins having panic attacks at work and Eileen’s husband leaves her for another woman. They both need a break from their situations so they devise a plan to switch places and live each other’s life for two months. 

Leena takes on her grandmother’s neighborhood committees and helps plan the annual May Day parade. She befriends Eileen’s neighbors and works hard to win the respect of the other board members. This temporary move shines a light on Leena’s relationships with her work-obsessed boyfriend and her alternative-thinking mother. What will these connections look like once she returns to her old life?

Since her abrupt separation with her husband of many years, Eileen is craving authentic relationships. She decides to give online dating a try. In addition to looking for romantic bonds, Eileen sees how a big city like London makes its older population feel isolated. Eileen understands how it feels to be lonely, so she goes about a plan to fix this. 

This story is so cute, yet it still has substance. It reads quickly, switching between the two women’s perspectives (I’ll allow it this time). This is Beth O’Leary’s second novel. I also highly recommend her first book, The Flatshare. O’Leary’s ability to write about hard issues, while sprinkling in humor and strong character development is truly impressive. She is a fresh new voice in contemporary literature and I cannot wait for her next book. 

Meet the Guest Blogger – Cathy Wolters

Cathy Wolters is a lover of all things books! She works in an elementary school’s library and is going to school for a Masters of Library Science. She loves to read contemporary fiction, memoirs, young adult fiction, and any picture book she can get her hands on. When Cathy isn’t reading, she enjoys going on walks with friends, going to concerts, cuddling with her cat (Newton), and adventuring with her lovely husband (Caleb).


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