Cathy’s Corner: The Female Persuasion

Cathy’s back in her Corner for a new guest post!

Cathy’s Rating of The Female Persuasion

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Cathy’s Review

The Female Persuasion is centered around a young woman named Greer and her experiences beginning in college through early adulthood. This is a multiple perspective story that switches between Greer, her friend, her mentor, her love interest, and more. 

Greer begins her journey into adulthood in college where she discovers she never learned how to use her “outside voice”, having spent her childhood absorbed in books. When she faces adversity early on in her freshman year, she feels unheard and frustrated by societal issues and a strained relationship with her parents. When Greer and her friend, Z go to hear the famous feminist, Faith Frank, speak, Greer makes a real connection with the speaker. This bond ends up having a major impact on Greer’s views on gender roles as well as her career trajectory. 

In addition to dealing with her inner and outer growth, Greer and her high school boyfriend, Cory, are trying to make a long distance relationship work. When a major event happens in Cory’s life, Greer and Cory must figure out what this means for them personally and as a couple. After graduating, Greer, Cory, and Z wrestle with how to be young professionals as they decide what kind of people they want to become. 

This novel has sat on my bookshelf for several years now. The cover is beautiful, the plotline intrigued me and yet it was left untouched mainly because of its length. When I came across the audiobook of this book at the library, I chose to give it a try. Pretty quickly I felt attached to Greer and could relate to a lot of the struggles she felt as she worked to find herself in adulthood.

Selfishly I wish this book was only told from Greer’s perspective since I cared the most about her life and thoughts. Lately I’ve been grappling (to anyone who will listen, thanks Alexandria!) about my annoyance with multiple perspective books. When this trend began I was all about it, but now it feels like every book I read follows this format and I’m starting to wane on my initial praise. For The Female Persuasion specifically, I did not think the plethora of points of views was needed. Greer’s experiences told a whole story and since every character played a role in her life, I didn’t need to hear the same events from each character. Cutting back on the unnecessary perspectives, would reduce the length of this book making it more accessible but the powerful message would still be conveyed. 

The Female Persuasion is heartfelt, gripping, and timely. I highly recommend reading (or listening) to it! 

Meet the Guest Blogger – Cathy Wolters

Cathy Wolters is a lover of all things books! She works in an elementary school’s library and is going to school for a Masters of Library Science. She loves to read contemporary fiction, memoirs, young adult fiction, and any picture book she can get her hands on. When Cathy isn’t reading, she enjoys going on walks with friends, going to concerts, cuddling with her cat (Newton), and adventuring with her lovely husband (Caleb).

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