Cathy’s Corner Guest Post: The Mothers

Here’s another Cathy’s Corner!

Cathy, my friend since middle school, has another great book to tell you about. She is my go-to person to talk about books with, so I am thrilled for her to guest post on Archetypes & Anecdotes for a second time!

Cathy’s Rating of The Mothers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cathy’s Review

The Mothers by Brit Bennett is a literary masterpiece. Told from the perspective of multiple characters as well as a group of mothers, this story deals with friendship, secrets, grief, and love in a concise and poignant way.  

In the beginning Nadia is reeling from the sudden death of her mother. She isn’t close with her father, so she takes refuge in the pastor’s son, Luke’s embrace. Luke was once a local football star, but he returned home after a terrible injury. When the pair is faced with adversity, they part ways and Nadia begins spending time with Aubrey. Aubrey is also grappling with her relationship with her mother. Both of these friendships end up shaping Nadia’s worldview and choices for years to come. 

Nadia, Luke, Aubrey, and their families attend Upper Room Chapel. The church is a tight-knit community that looks out for one another. Central to the congregation is a group of mothers who pray for the church members daily. They keep a watchful eye on the community, attempting to share their wisdom throughout our story. 

I was surprised by the time jumps throughout the novel. Bennett does not stay in a scene too long, she gives you a taste of an event and sprinkles in emotions and thought provoking dialogue. At first I wanted to know more about the spring and summertime that start the story, but then I grew used to the changes in season as they allowed me to watch the characters grow and develop. The secrets and traumas each character holds within them is slowly relieved throughout the book which gives the reader more context and perspective. 

Fans of A Good Neighborhood by Therese Anne Fowler will fall in love with Nadia, Luke, and Aubrey as they navigate adulthood in all its pain and pleasures. 

Meet the Guest Blogger – Cathy Wolters

Cathy Wolters is a lover of all things books! She works in an elementary school’s library and is going to school for a Masters of Library Science. She loves to read contemporary fiction, memoirs, young adult fiction, and any picture book she can get her hands on. When Cathy isn’t reading, she enjoys going on walks with friends, going to concerts, cuddling with her cat (Newton), and adventuring with her lovely husband (Caleb).

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