There is An Unwanted Guest… And You Are Also Invited

It’s now that he notices the wind – how wild and loud it is. From inside the hotel it sounds like a constant, dull roar with the occasional shriek, something far away, but out here it’s alive, it’s a monster, and it’s much closer.

An Unwanted Guest – Shari Lapena

My Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

In Summary of An Unwanted Guest

The guests at Mitchell’s Inn are expecting a cozy weekend stay in the mountains, but things take a dangerous, dark turn. A blizzard cuts off the electricity – as well as connection to the world beyond the inn’s walls – and then two guests mysteriously die. Suddenly, everyone is a suspect and a potential next victim until the true perpetrator of the murders is revealed.

Warning: Violence and murder

The winter atmosphere is perfectly developedSome of the characters are more interesting to read about than the others
Multiple perspectives to keep developing characters and possible suspectsDefinitely a slow build to the climax
Writing style is simple so that it doesn’t distract from the mystery

Hell isn’t imaginary; it’s real. It’s a real place and it’s also a state of mind.

The Review

Grab your favorite blanket and hot beverage because this mystery-thriller is going to keep you reading. My friend/coworker (shoutout to Katie!) recommended this take on a classic “whodunnit” to me in January, and wow! It has all of the winter elements mixed with mystery and suspense, and the climax is truly great because it throws you into a snowy whirlwind of chaos

This review is honestly going to be short because this is one of those books that I can’t give anything away. So please, pick it up and find out for yourself! However, I do warn you that the character building may be a bit slow, and at times confusing to keep track of, but it’s worth it because the plot’s pace is faster and the unraveling of clues suspenseful. 

Plus, oh my gosh… THE ENDING. What a twist! 

Also, there are a variety of character perspectives that we read. Some are definitely more likeable than others. So, just pray that your least favorite characters get killed off instead of your favorites! (I know… Sadistic… but if someone has to die, why can’t I play favorites?) 

You want a satisfyingly disturbing murder mystery? Sink your knife… umm, I mean teeth… in. Trust me on this one.

An Unwanted Guest Book Information

  • Published: 2018
  • ISBN:  978-0525507574
  • ASIN: B0796F3MMV
  • Format: E-Reader (Kindle – borrowed from the library through the Libby app)
  • Length: 302 pages

Learn About & Support the Author – Shari Lapena


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  1. Heard so many good things about this author. I really need to pick one of their books up sometime soon.

    Always love the cover art on them!

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