Book of the month: Book Subscription Review

What it is: A book subscription service (only serves the USA) that provides 5 options for hardback books each month to choose from, as well as other titles to add-on for a low price ($10).

Depending on the plan you choose, your choice for each month will cost…

  • Monthly plan: $14.99 / month + free shipping
  • Yearly plan: $12.50 / month + free shipping
Access to debut novels and early releasesOnly 2 add-ons are allowed per month
Encourages reading from a variety of genresSome genres may be featured more than others over time
Great for people wishing to experiment in their reading and try new thingsYou may only purchase a book within the first 6 days of the month; otherwise, you have to wait until the following month
Highlights both famous and new(er) authorsYou must choose at least 1 of the 5 book options for a month in order to purchase any add-ons
Each redeemed referral gives you a credit for a free bookAlthough advertised as a book club, it does not currently offer online discussion opportunities
Add-on books are only $10 eachDust jackets have a BOTM logo on them, as well as the actual covers underneath
You can “undo” a skipped month by emailing the customer serviceUSPS delivered – often experiences delays (due to weather or the pandemic)
Caters to a variety of ages (BOTM does have a YA option for younger readers)Does not specifically offer outlets for organized public book club / discussion groups
Well-priced hardcover books that are typically cheaper than buying hardback books elsewhere (each book is between Some books are so popular that they may go out-of-stock
After a year’s worth of membership, you get extra benefits (book tote, free birthday month add-on, free copy of your choice of Book-of-the-Year finalist [voted on by members])BOTM Clubs site (beta) only caters to book clubs you put together; there aren’t public options currently for those without a group

The Review

We all have our reasons for being intrigued into a subscription service. For me, it was about spending more money.

… Just kidding! (Guys, I TOTALLY have more depth as a human being, plus the pricing for this service actually helps book buyers save money!)

My honest answer: I was drawn by the opportunity to purchase early releases and debut novels with ease. I always found myself being “late to the party” for big hits, so this was a way for me to be more current in my reading choices which is actually quite fun. While everyone is talking about the newest fashion trends and music, you can catch me sporting the hottest new book walking down the sidewalk in my runway outfit (aka pajamas) because….

That’s the kind of trendy gal I am. *Insert hair flip here*

On a more serious note, I am a reader drawn to contemporary and literary fiction, so the choices BOTM provides suit me well. However, if you are a fantasy or sci-fi lover, the monthly picks may be less geared to you. Yes, fantasy and sci-fi make appearances every few months, but I have seen less of these options than contemporary/literary fiction, thrillers, mysteries, romance, historical fiction, etc. You may find yourself skipping months more often if you are unwilling to branch out… or you’ll decide to try something new!

My favorite thing about BOTM is the diverse representation of race, culture, and ethnicity. I will say that my critique of the BOTM options for February 2021 is that they did not offer a large variety of options for Black History Month, but they do usually offer a wide variety of representation, from my experience. Reading should be about enjoyment AND growing as a person!

If that previous statement is not indicative of an English teacher, then I don’t know what is… 

I highly recommend giving this subscription box a try, as it can open up new avenues of reading for you. Perhaps it will give you a new perspective or genre, or it will satisfy your craving of what you already enjoy. Either way, this subscription box will give you something to look forward to every month – it certainly does for me! – while not breaking the bank (unless you are like me and choose add-ons every month. Oops!).  

Happy reading, everybody!

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