Connecting… through reading books!

Ah, yes. The never-ending struggle of the modern reader. 

  • What should I read? What’s not worth my time?
  • I’ve read this awesome book… but I’ve got nobody to share it with! So, now I must contain all of it inside myself until the end of my days or until I somehow, someday randomly, find someone else that just happens to have read it.
  • How do I make reading relevant to my everyday life?

Reading for fun may seem daunting and isolating these days, but it is actually the opposite. 

It is enjoyable; it connects. It enhances; it reflects.

I would like to call myself a literary connoisseur, but perhaps quirky, an introvert with my extroverted bursts, and book-obsessed are more accurate, practical descriptions. Just like you, I am searching for the next great story to explore. I am here to share my reading experiences with you through book reviews – including debut authors and novels – and showing you how to incorporate the literary into your life.

I choose to live a literary life, and I look forward to your company along the way!


One response to “Connecting… through reading books!”

  1. Welcome to the book bloggers community. Let me know if you need anything 😃❤️

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